Global Payroll

global payroll

And, as the exclusive Canadian Partner for activpayroll© — the UK-based provider for global employers seeking a single point payroll and tax service to support their entire global operations—PIVOTAL Payroll offers integrated payroll services to support clients worldwide through a network of payroll processing systems in 70 countries..   Canadian Global businesses now have access to  an integrated international and global payroll service, providing many strategic and synergistic advantages, including providing economies of scale, alignment of global resources, global methodologies, performance metrics and the advantage of group reporting.


About activpayroll

activpayroll is a leading global professional service organization, providing integrated global and domestic payroll solutions; expatriate taxation services and online HR people management tools to over 800 companies in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Looking for a Global Payroll Solution?

Partnered with Activpayroll, we are able to process payments anywhere in the world