Small Business


The Small Business Managed Payroll Solution  is a convenient payroll outsourcing solution that will help you grow and develop your business carefully and strategically. Managed for Small Business can provide a flexible, scalable outsourcing solution that will allow you to concentrate on what you do best – run your business!


Service Details

Dedicated Payroll Specialist

Assigned certified payroll specialist (CPM, PCP) with access to team of 6 during vacation coverage & absences ( M – F, 8am- 5pm)

2 Custom Reports

Any other report outside the standard payroll package, example: Headcount Rpt, Stat Holiday Rpt, Annual Salary, Audit Rpts

Handle Employee Enquiries

Employees have ability to contact their Payroll Professional (M –F, 8am-5pm) for payroll related questions (T4’s, Payment Details, Benefit inquires)

Stat Calculations Processed

We will take over stat pay calculations after 2 payroll runs with PIVOTAL

Pier Reports – Year End Reconciliations

CPP/EI discrepancy report is processed/balanced prior to final pay of current year, T4’s balanced to YTD’s, T4 Summary

Worker’s Compensation Calculations and Remittance Report and Processing – All Provinces

On-Line reporting of earnings/wages and premiums to WSIB/WCB/CSST/WorkSafe

Employee Changes

Masterfile Data (Address changes, salary changes, new hires, terminations etc)

Third Party Remittance Reports and Processing

On-line payments or cheques to FRO, Garnishments, RRSP and/or Pension Plans, Benefit Carriers, Union Dues

Direct Deposit & Cheques

Upload – EFT file to the bank, deposit slips printed or via email (password protected) and/or printed cheques cleared through PIVOTAL’s account.

ROE & T4’s 

Electronic or paper copies filed with Service Canada, ROE inquires handled by Payroll Specialist, On-line filing of T4’s, T4A’s, RL-1, Summaries & Amendments with CRA/Rev Quebec

Source Deductions

Online remittances/payments to CRA, MRQ & EHT

Standard Reports

Payment Register, Debit Notice, Federal & Provincial Remittance Rpt, EHT, WSIB/WCB/CSST Rpt, Current Amount Summary, YTD Amount Summary, GL (if applicable) Direct Deposit Rpt, Cheques Rpt

Absence Tracking 

PIVOTAL can track sick days, vacation days, short term absences

Extra Runs

Previous Pay Adjustments, Year End Adjustments (Non-Remit), Extra Payroll Runs or Off-Cycle payrolls for Bonuses , Commissions – regular fees apply.

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